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When a youth has to carry out a remedial action following the commission of an offence, he or she will be contacted by a socio-judicial worker from L'Alternative Outaouais who will supervise him or her throughout his or her measurement. All the accompaniments offered involve a preparatory meeting. It explains the steps of the intervention, the parameters, the commitments to be made, the success criteria and the limitations of the service. The cooperation of the youth is essential to carry out the reparation process.


« Our workers are there to listen to you, guide you, support you and support you to carry out your reparation process».


Here are the 3 possible areas of reparation for a youth:


Reparation to the victim

The youth can make reparation for the harm caused by his act to the victim when he consents to be involved in the process and the reparation can take several forms: 

  1. Mediation: a process of exchange and openness between the victim and the youth, with the support of a criminal mediator from L'Alternative Outaouais;
  2. Financial compensation: consists of a financial payment by the youth to the victim. The amount is determined based on the harm caused and the youth’s ability to pay.
  3. Unpaid work for the benefit of the victim: allows the youth to volunteer with the victim, for example, by repairing the fence he broke.
  4. Writing a letter of apology: is a good alternative to mediation when the victim does not want to meet the youth. This process allows him or her to write a letter expressing to the victim his or her understanding of his or her criminal act and the possible repercussions for it.

Community Reparation

The youth can become involved in the community by using the skills and abilities of a community organization. Repair in the community results in:   

  1. Community, volunteers and compensatory work  : The young person is volunteering with a non-profit organization. This approach offers positive perspectives for both adolescents and the organizations that host them. At the same time, it strengthens respect for society’s values and promotes the inclusion of young people.
  2. Financial compensation to the community (gift) :  An amount of money is given to a non-profit organization by the young person. This process also gives him the opportunity to get to know the organizations in his region better, to understand their purpose and to find meaning in his approach.

Awareness and social skills development activities

the youth must participate in a group with targeted themes. The main objective is to raise awareness among youth about the impact of their choices and behaviours on them, their surroundings and the community. 


If you are a teenager and have questions

about the YCJA or the Outaouais Alternative, do not hesitate to contact us ! 


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