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Who are we?

What is an OJA?

In its legal mandate, an alternative justice agency (OJA) ensures that complementary measures are applied to the traditional justice system based on the restorative justice approach. The primary objective is to enable direct reparation, if possible, to the victim through the responsibility of the young person. The OJA therefore have the responsibility to apply and coordinate the various extrajudicial sanctions concluded between the youth delegates (Youth Centres) and the youth as well as to supervise the latter in the execution of their measures. In addition, certain specific sentences ordered by a Judge of the Youth Chamber may be coordinated by the intervenors of an OJA.


The mission


L'Alternative Outaouais is an alternative justice organization with a regional mandate whose mission is to:

  • Putting its expertise in alternative justice at the service of young people and victims involved in an offence, by involving the community in repairing the harm caused;
  • Encourage the active involvement of citizens in the research and development of peaceful and ongoing dispute resolution mechanisms that do not involve judicial proceedings.

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