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« The active participation of parents, relatives, the community and community organizations is essential »


Tags and Graffiti Program:

In collaboration with the City of Gatineau, L'Alternative Outaouais is involved in the Prevention and Support Program related to tags and graffiti during the summer. Involvement is divided into two parts : Walls and tunnels allowed for graffiti making and cleaning support to owners.


Walls and tunnels allowed for graffiti:

In this section, 46 walls have been installed on thirty sites, to allow graffiti at will and legally. The main objective is to “counter acts of vandalism related to tags and graffiti.” With the help of young volunteers, two workers travel four times a year to the sites to repaint the authorized walls in white to offer artists the opportunity to express themselves again. There are also three tunnels authorized by the Ministry of Transportation that are cleaned to keep the environment clean and safe.


Cleaning Support to Homeowners:

In this component, “support is aimed at masking illegal tags and graffiti on residential, rental and commercial buildings” to prevent recidivism. Also with the help of young volunteers, four days of painting are organized to carry out this mandate on buildings predetermined by the City of Gatineau.


Workshops in the Community

L'Alternative Outaouais is also called upon to offer awareness and prevention workshops on various topics to our partners in the community. It is possible to meet both ad hoc and recurring needs. The team is committed to providing tailored services to meet everyone’s needs. Here are some examples of topics covered, but not limited to them:

  • YCJA Presentation
  • Bullying
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cybercrime


The Outaouais alternative offer presentations in Outaouais schools, whether at the elementary or secondary level. In general, the objective is to raise awareness among children and youth in relation to the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). It is essential that youth be made aware early on of the impact their actions may have on them, their families, victims and the community..

Although the theme of the YCJA is advocated, various topics can be addressed as requested by the school community. 

Here are some examples of topics covered, but not limited to them:

  • Bullying
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cybercrime


Do you work in a school environment? Don’t hesitate to contact us to assess your needs.

819-595-1106 or

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