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Partner organizations

Partner organizations

There are several measures in the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). Community work is one of these. The purpose of this measure is to enable youth who has committed an offence to repair the harm done to the community. It is also about empowering youth to become responsible citizens. They then have to put their skills to work by performing unpaid work. It is therefore from the perspective of reparation that we call upon host organizations, in order to allow adolescents to complete their measure and to obtain a positive experience.


What is the role of the host organization?

In support of the Alternative Outaouais workers, the designated supervisor at the organization must accompany and supervise the youth throughout his or her measurement. The host organization must, in particular, prepare tasks for the youth, supervise the work performed and keep track of his hours. The tasks that a host organization can offer are diverse and are always determined in advance. For example, the youth may be called upon to perform administrative, manuals, interviewing or customer interaction tasks.


Our Commitment

An organization may accommodate youths for one-time needs at a special event or on a recurring basis. The L'Alternative Outaouais team takes the time to assess the needs of each of the partner organizations and to agree on a partnership agreement that respects them.

Do you want to welcome youths into your organization?

It is by putting our hands together that together, we will accompany the adolescents in their process of reparation and that we will make the difference! Do you care about the social reintegration of adolescents? Do you need help with various tasks? Do not hesitate to contact us to assess your needs:

819-595-1106 or

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