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The parents of a youth who has committed an offence go through a range of emotions and sometimes need to be reassured about the court process. L'Alternative Outaouais stakeholders are present to answer their questions, keep them informed of the commitments made by their teen and solicit their collaboration when necessary.



When a decision is made following the commission of an offence on the part of a youth and he must make a reparation measure, a reference is sent to L'Alternative Outaouais. A social justice worker will then contact the parent or youth to plan a pre-redress meeting. This meeting explains the steps of the intervention, the guidelines, the commitments to be made, the criteria for success as well as the limitations of the service, with a view to making this approach a success. Parents are invited to attend the meeting and are considered valuable partners in the process of reparation of their teenager. Their support is essential in this new stage, sometimes difficult to understand and manage for a teenager.


Our approach

It focuses on youth accountability. In practice, the latter must make commitments, such as returning the calls of his or her staff or informing them of his or her progress in completing the process. This allows the youth to fully assume his responsibilities, to be concretely involved in repairing the damage caused and to be the main actor in the process.

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