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Citizen mediation is a method of preventing and resolving disputes peacefully and thus avoiding court proceedings. Alternative Outaouais has been offering this service in all areas of the City of Gatineau since 2006 under the name Resolution. Volunteer mediators use their expertise, in terms of conflict resolution, to serve citizens who have a problem with other people or with institutions in their community.  Citizen mediation is used in various contexts, for example:

  •  Neighbourhood conflicts (field boundaries, snow, animals, noise);
  • Interpersonal conflict (threats, intimidation, rumours);
  • Conflicts between one or more citizens and private or public bodies/bodies in the community (OMH, HLM).


Citizen mediation services are free and confidential!


L'Alternative Outaouais has developed expertise in citizen mediation (Resolution) and provides training to volunteer mediators. The latter aim to provide support and accompaniment to each person concerned by the conflict.


How this works

  1. The parties involved in the conflict must agree to be involved in the search for solutions, in order to resolve the situation and thus avoid resorting to the traditional justice system;
  2. To understand the situation and facilitate exchanges, each party is then met individually by volunteer mediators;
  3. Volunteer mediators assess the needs of each party. They take the time to listen to their points of view of the conflict situation and explain to them what the Resolution services have to offer and the limits of them. They then verify the interest of the parties to get involved in an amicable dispute settlement process.

Are you in a conflict situation?

Please do not hesitate to contact Resolution at 819-595-0676 or
(provide your first name, telephone information and a brief summary of the problem experienced).»

Interested in becoming a volunteer mediator?

Feel free to contact Resolution at 819-595-0676 or»

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